Mary Hasanpour, Waiting for the Dawn ***VORABGEBOT FÜR DIE LIVE-AUCTION AM 06.12.2022***

Mary Hasanpour, Waiting for the Dawn ***VORABGEBOT FÜR DIE LIVE-AUCTION AM 06.12.2022***

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Mary Hasanpour

Waiting for the Dawn, 2022

Gemälde, Acryl

150cm x 100cm x 5cm

signiert, datiert, gerahmt

VORABGEBOT FÜR DIE LIVE-AUCTION AM 06.12.2022 im FLOMYCA, Morsegasse 1C, 1210 Wien, 19:00 Uhr


Acryl on Textile (Faux fur)
short Description :
iranian historical litterateur has discussed the role of the rooster in driving away the beasts and evildoers. They believed that the rooster is the herald of dawn and heralds the departure of darkness. It is auspicious and can bring news of victory for the army. In this way, the rooster in front of the army could represent a symbol of victory in front of their enemies.
in this painting, the rooster represents the Victory, leading and being announced by a Woman as it’s happening in Iran right now.

Mary Hasanpour, Living and working since 2016 in Vienna University of Fine Arts/ Shiraz, IR College/Art School of Visual Arts MBA in Art several Solo and group Exhibitions in IR Printmaking group Exhibition in Stadt Kino,Vienna 13th Young Art Auction/Exhibition,Kunstraum Nestroyhof 14th Young art Auction and online Exhibition Most wanted Female Art Auction and online Exhibition Walter Koschatzky Finalist in Koschatzky Art Award 21 Parallel Vienna Art fair 2021
€ 2.850 - 3.000
Mary Hasanpour
FLOMYCA Morsegasse 1C 1210 Wien