Luiza Furtado, Teia ***VORABGEBOT FÜR DIE LIVE-AUCTION AM 06.12.2022***

Luiza Furtado, Teia ***VORABGEBOT FÜR DIE LIVE-AUCTION AM 06.12.2022***

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Luiza Furtado

Teia, 2021

Skulptur / Textilkunst

140cm x 60cm x 20cm

VORABGEBOT FÜR DIE LIVE-AUCTION AM 06.12.2022 im FLOMYCA, Morsegasse 1C, 1210 Wien, 19:00 Uhr


Teia is a wearable sculpture developed as collateral of my research within birth. In 2020 I drew my conclusion thesis on postpartum depression prevention within corporeal stimuli. This project allowed me to fabulate different natures of symbolic gestation through a prosthetic perspective.

The textille sculpture is created as a residual object from a ritualistic dance performance made in Brazil. With a triple vest, I could Sew the bodies of my biological mother and sister onto my own through gigantic umbilical cords. Allowed reflection upon tension and trauma, creating new power configurations between us as performers. The goal was to evoke an atmosphere for visceral communication, using dance instead of words.

Luiza Furtado born in Florianopolis, Brazil. Lives and works between Rio de Janeiro and Vienna. BA. in industrial design by PUC-Rio and part of the Contextual Painting class, Academy of fines Arts Vienna. To evoke fabulated rituals, Luiza combines painting, sewing and audio-visual. She researches intuitive dance and costume creation as empowerment practices. Her performative work is based on prosthetic experimentations with upcycled-textile craft. 2022, performed live “Coluna”, SKINS Festival at Museums Quartier Wien, “ Agulha e Memória”, Alfred Institute in Tel Aviv - Israel. And danced at “The School of Mountains and Water” by Amanda Pinã, Tanz Quartier Wien. Collective Exhibitions: “RXRTDI” at Parallel Vienna, “Hyper R.” at Never at Home, “April Fools Show” at private space, “Como subir não uma escada” at Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro. 2021, presented her video performances "Casca" at Inside Out Program, and “Casulo” at Outside In Festival by The Coronet Theatre London. “Cascas” study group, “Poéticas” Res
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Luiza Furtado
FLOMYCA Morsegasse 1C 1210 Wien