Ali Zare, women, life, freedom ***VORABGEBOT FÜR DIE LIVE-AUCTION AM 06.12.2022***

Ali Zare, women, life, freedom ***VORABGEBOT FÜR DIE LIVE-AUCTION AM 06.12.2022***

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Ali Zare

Healing through the pain series, 2022

Gemälde, Öl

150cm x 100cm x 4cm

signiert, datiert

VORABGEBOT FÜR DIE LIVE-AUCTION AM 06.12.2022 im FLOMYCA, Morsegasse 1C, 1210 Wien, 19:00 Uhr

Today women of Iran are fighting against the gender apartheid regime for their freedom. These protests were triggered by the murder of the young woman #mahsaamini by the “morality police”. The Iranian regime is freely killing civilians on the streets of Iran and using any tools to keep them quiet such as shutting down the Internet. Iranian people want to end this terrorist regime once and for all.
All women deserve the right to decide how they wish to live their lives. I stand with the women of my country and I will be a voice to make a change!

Ali Zare, * 1987 in Iran (Yazd) lives and works in Vienna since 2016, studying Contextual painting at the Academy of Fine arts Vienna with Prof. Ashley Hans Scheirl. In most of my works, society and humans have a special place, and speaking about these two subjects was always my favorite theme. My purpose has been to transfer the fragility I've experienced to the artwork itself. And to represent the vital transitions, between light and dark, suffering and healing, or the other way around.
€ 2.750 - 3.000
Ali Zare
FLOMYCA Morsegasse 1C 1210 Wien