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Alexandra Кadzevich

oil on canvas 
115 х 75

Alexandra Kadzevich - 1992/Odesa - Currently based in Amsderdam, Netherlands The main subject of Alexandra Kadzevich's practice is painting. Having received a classical art education, she consistently turns to painting techniques and tries out various materials to explore this medium. Her work now focuses on the critique of reality and nature through visual forms, she uses art as a tool to explore the social and even spatial conditions of society; This series, filled with images and memories, through which the environment, which is gradually being emptied, is "seen". Based on her own experience and how this definition changes for her, she explores a sphere of the current history of family and home, responding to the need to create a new inner structure that changes our sense of reality and awakens our curiosity for truth.
2500-3 800 €
Alexandra Kadzevich
Schlumberger Art Floor Heiligenstädter Str. 39 1190 Wien