Ali Zare, Hesitation

Ali Zare, Hesitation

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Ali Zare

Hesitation, 2023

Öl auf Papier

70cm x 50cm

signiert, datiert, gerahmt

Rahmen: 50x70 cm, weißer Holzrahmen mit Abstandsleiste
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You pause, you hesitate, you look for an answer, you trace the past, and meanwhile, you depict new horizons and new directions for the future. It’s a tough way with a simple nature.

Ali Zare is an Iranian Visual artist who was born in Yazd, Iran. He studied at the Faculty of Art and Architecture and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on Painting. Since 2016 he has been living in Vienna, Austria, and currently studies Contextual painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Zare works with different topics which mostly include psychology and sociology. He intertwines these topics with his daily life experiences as a questioning individual and as an artist.
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Ali Zare