Mary Hasanpour, Decomposition of a dream

Mary Hasanpour, Decomposition of a dream

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Mary Hasanpour

Decomposition of a dream

150cm x 200cm, 2022

Acrylic on Canvas



Mary Hasanpour, Living and working since 2016 in Vienna University of Fine Arts/ Shiraz, IR College/Art School of Visual Arts MBA in Art several Solo and group Exhibitions in IR Printmaking group Exhibition in Stadt Kino,Vienna 13th Young Art Auction/Exhibition,Kunstraum Nestroyhof 14th Young art Auction and online Exhibition Most wanted Female Art Auction and online Exhibition Walter Koschatzky Finalist in Koschatzky Art Award 21 Parallel Vienna Art fair 2021
€ 4.000 - 4.500
Mary Hasanpour
Artcare Rechte Bahngasse 30-32 1030 Wien