Selina Schlumpf, In their dream you talk to me

Selina Schlumpf, In their dream you talk to me

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Selina Schlumpf

In their dream you talk to me, 2023

Skulptur Volumen / Assemblage
Aluminium, Baumwolle, Kohle, Schwarzer Tee


Selina Schlumpf, lives and works in vienna. "In my artistic works I deal with normative ways of thinking and viewing. In installative arrangements and assemblages, I combine linguistic patterns with repurposing of materials and forms of representation. I often use everyday objects as starting points. I am concerned with the desire that they arouse in the viewer. Through fusion and connection with other materials or images, shifts occur that challenge and expand the narratives and meaning of the objects. My practice aims to mirror and deconstruct the given, thereby questioning and transforming existing relationships and viewing regimes."
Selina Schlumpf
Sachsenplatz 4-6 1200 Wien