Marlena Jonane, Hijacked loop

Marlena Jonane, Hijacked loop

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Marlena Jonane

Hijacked loop, 2022

Skulptur Volumen

97cm x 76cm

Marlena Jonane (visualmar) who was born in 1999 ,Riga,Latvia; is an intermedial artist currently based in Vienna and studies Transmedia art at the University of Applied Arts. Her works induce a catharsis through the tactile and visual, weaving through endless back and forths of emotion and probing into the murky pits of the collective unconscious. Her works deal with loops of all sorts, neurodiversity, emotional catharsis, all aspects of the human psyche and transcendence of physical facades and limitations. She achieves this through various mediums mainly merging analog and digital,painting as well as installation, performance, video and event curation.
Marlena Jonane
Sachsenplatz 4-6 1200 Wien