Lily Zlotover, Bulldog

Lily Zlotover, Bulldog

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Lily Zlotover

Bulldog, 2022


42cm x 29.7cm x 10cm

signiert, datiert, gerahmt


This photograph consists of a frame leaning on a metal wall hanging, a bulldog collectible card clipped to the side with a metal bulldog clip.

Lily Zlotover works multidisciplinary between Artist and filmmaker within the intersection of Photography, Film and Text. Within these forms, they explore a range of themes surrounding bureaucratic protocol, processing, documentation of space, absurdity and vulnerability between the viewer and the viewed, the camera as living, the photo as breathing. More recently, the question of the Gaze has become a central interest in Zlotovers work. When a cameras (gaze) is involved, a relationship is immediately formed. Collaborating, working with different artists and their projects allows for these dynamics to be teased out. The desire to capture ‘truth’ is ever present, and yet it is completely unattainable, if this is a given then why not work within non truth, the smudged edges between fiction reality. Zlotovers work tends to span multiple iterations and forms, as ideas are continually processed until they thread bare. Deconstructing and reconstructing bodily performance, breaking down nuanced relationships to rigorous power structures interpersonal relationships, and shared and opposing vision, constricting and dilating simultaneously.
Sachsenplatz 4-6 1200 Wien