Lea Schimel, Soul at Peace

Lea Schimel, Soul at Peace

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Lea Schimel

Soul at Peace, 2023

Gemälde / Mischtechnik

100cm x 150cm x 3cm


As a 20 year old English and German law student with an unwavering passion for art, I've discovered the beauty of balancing both worlds. Art has always been my creative sanctuary, allowing me to express myself and explore diverse perspectives. While immersing myself in a rich tapestry of school and university courses from central saint martins and the university of Arts London, I've gained invaluable opportunities to explore a wide range of artistic techniques and discover influential artists who have left a lasting impact on my own creative path. Studying at these esteemed institutions exposed me to a diverse array of artistic perspectives, pushing the boundaries of my own artistic exploration. The courses offered a fertile ground for experimentation, enabling me to delve into various techniques, mediums, and styles.
Lea Schimel
Sachsenplatz 4-6 1200 Wien